Bountiful Volunteer Opportunities

As part of a collaborative group of community advocates we are dedicated to supporting the northern metro area. There are many ways to touch another person's life through volunteer opportunities at the Fire Fighters Community Service Organization of North Kansas City in Missouri.

Helping the Community

The cruel winds of misfortune blow indiscriminately, knocking down anyone too weak to withstand the sudden gust. We are a foundation on which to build. We help the indigent, handicapped, poor, hungry, homeless, and everyone else. Services provided include:

• Coordinating Medical Assistance and Treatment
  with the North Kanas City Hospital
• Temporary Emergency Relief Assistance

• Temporary Housing
• Assistance at Local Church Events

• Basic Home Repair/Improvement
• Wheelchair Ramp Construction
• Financial Support for Those Who Qualify
• Car Seat Installation
• Clothing
Man Sitting in a Wheelchair - Volunteer Opportunities
Contact us in Kansas City, Missouri, to show someone you care by volunteering with our nonprofit organization.